You can control the axle and scissor lift from the touch of a button. Inside the vehicle or on the trailer.


​The BRYANT LIFT TRAILER is a boat lift trailer that is perfect for any marine towing businesses or anyone who deals with boat lifts.

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US PAT # 9321390B2


The Bryant Lift Trailer is the only patented boat lift trailer that requires little effort to haul lifts to and from the launch. It’s all hydraulic system is operated by remote controls for the axle and scissor lift. The Bryant Lift Trailer works on most free standing lifts and requires no extra accessories. No other product in the industry allows you to back down the launch, pick up the lift, and drive away, all without leaving your driver’s seat.Type your paragraph here.


Both the axle and scissor lifts are powered by two 12 volt batteries that are self charge once hooked into the vehicle.